Cin Cin, Brighton

Currently one of Brighton’s most popular restaurants, and in my opinion it deserves the hype! Similar to Trullo, it serves small plates of unique, Italian home-cooked food and has a regular changing menu so you can keep going back!

Situated in one of the quieter streets in the Laines, Cin Cin offers a limited seating arrangement with only seats around a bar, so you see the chefs making the food (always a bonus)! For this reason it’s best to go here in a pair or as a three.

The blood orange cocktail is my favourite drink here, closely followed by the cheapest bottle of prosecco or red wine! The staff are friendly, attentive and very knowledgable about the menu.

Top image: veal tartare
From left to right: seared tuna, homemade ricotta and spinach tortellini, squid ink pasta, and burrata

Link to restaurant:
Advice: book in advance to avoid disappointment
Price range: Mid-range

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