Trullo, Islington

Coming in at no. 80 on Time Out’s top 100 restaurants in London and being within walking distance from my house, Trullo was quickly bumped to the top of my list of restaurants to visit next.

The atmosphere is warm, vibey and very clean and minimal. The service was quick, efficient and friendly, and not too over the top. They brought over bread and olive oil as soon as we sat down which is always a bonus in the UK!

What I particularly like about restaurants nowadays is when the menu’s regularly change. This shows that the restaurant and chef’s are happy to go that extra mile to switch things up and regularly diverse innovative and exciting new dishes, depending on what is currently in season and/or available.

Unfortunately if you are on a budget, this probably isn’t the best place to go unless you’re not too hungry and are happy to have a snack afterwards. We visited here having saved up a little but were still not prepared to go completely all out due to the prices!

To start we shared the bruschetta with burrata and anchovy and raw porchini with thyme and parmesan. The burrata was amazingly creamy and worked really well with the anchovy. At £7.50 for one piece though, I felt they could probably have afforded to double the portion size. The porcini was tasty but again, the portion size was so minuscule that we barely had one whole porcini mushroom each.

Next we shared the beef shin ragu, what Trullo is most famous for! This was by far my favourite thing I ate at Trullo and left me contemplating whether to order a second portion!

We then shared a lamb rump with capers in a tomato sauce. The lamb was cooked to perfection and the sauce complimented the lamb perfectly too!

Overall, the unique flavours are amazing and the portion sizes are stingy – so don’t bother starving yourself all day before the meal. When bae has to go and buy snacks after, this is usually a sign, that for the price you’re paying, they should increase the sizes a little!

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