Recipe of the month: Olive Magazine’s Halloumi Fries


This isn’t just a recipe you can quickly rustle up with leftovers in the fridge and the usual cupboard spices so make this when you’re feeling like hitting up your local supermarkets world food section (my nearest is Morrison’s in Stamford Hill) but TRUST ME, once you have the ingredients in stock, you will want to make this every day. You can buy sumac and ras el hanout from most bigger supermarkets who have a generous world food section. I bought the pomegranate molasses from my local veg shop on Stoke Newington Church Street. Both spices are also great staples to have in your cupboard if you love Middle Eastern flavours!

It’s super quick and easy to make and I think just about everyone is obsessed with fried halloumi at the moment so it’s certainly a crowd pleaser.

The recipe says it serves 6 but I would probably advise doubling up on the ingredients if you are feeding people who love halloumi and are hungry!

Pomegranate seeds make everything look gorgeous too so they are lovely to look at, if you get a chance to before they’re all eaten! Serve with some homemade hummus and wholemeal pitta breads.

Link to recipe:
Estimated price of all ingredients: £12-14
Suitable for: vegetarians


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